February 6, 2012

Essay writing: Types of Essays

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Students are often asked to write on topics using different types of essays. Normally, hardly only a few know about the different types of essays. To get familiar with the kinds of essay, writing can help you in various parts of your education. At school level it may not be very important but for colleges and universities this is one major point that you know what type will be used for a particular kind of a topic. However, here the first question that arises is that what actually an essay is.  An essay is a short and a confined piece of writing which analyzes and describes things. It can even take a shape of an argument or a compare and contrast discussion.

There are basically so many different kinds of essays but for the beginners the most common ones are enough,  descriptive, critical, cause and effect, argumentative, narrative or definition are some most commonly used form of essay writing. If you are asked to describe something or if you are asked question which needs description then you would go for the descriptive essay. The names of the essays tell you that in what condition you have to use them. Similarly the critical essay type asks for the critical negative or a positive analysis of the topic. Students can relate to the types when the essay topics are assigned to them. It is not a very difficult task rather it will be of help to you that what you have to keep your focus on. It will help you not to get astray while writing. For example, in cause and effect essay you will explain the causes and then you will tell their effects. Knowing the types will not let you drift away from the central point of your essay which is the core issue on which your whole essay is based. Same goes for the definition and argumentative essay, their names suggest the categories where they have to be placed.

Students often feel completely baffled or uncomfortable when they step out for their high profile interviews or university admission or college quiz competitions and they are asked to write or say a few words about the topics keeping the essay type is mind. If you can go through the types once and try to remember then it is not tough to see that in what category your topic will get settled.


August 25, 2011

Distance Education

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Education is vital for every individual as it helps mould that individual into something or rather someone later in their respective lives. Governments all around the world has always emphasize and prioritize on the education system in their respective areas to spread the importance of it even to the most remote places in the country. There is certainly no exemption when it comes to education as every individual has the right to have an education, which often appears in various forms.  Students who are financially unstable of unfit to receive any form of education are now able to do so with the introduction of distance learning programs which are so much more convenient to these students.

Distance learning programs or courses are firstly introduced with the aim of indirectly informing everyone that no one is left out from the education system, whereby if they are unable to attend classes as usual, then let the classes reach out to them instead. This is actually very helpful especially for those individuals who are unable to enroll for classes full time as other commitments do not approve that for them.  Majority of those who signed up for distance learning classes are those who are unable to attend classes regularly due to work commitments, thus only allowing them to attend weekend classes or another option is to just appear for the final exams.

Gone are the days of essays and term papers when it comes to distance learning as everything is now submitted in electronic format, namely through the Internet.  Any assignments or tutorials are provided through the online sites for each course, and all that is needed is just to download them and complete them within the given time frame. Another advantage would be that classes are always there online, as it is usually conducted in a form of a video or by giving out lecture notes online.

However, research papers or dissertations can also be submitted via online, but it is always advisable to hand these types of papers personally to the lecturers themselves as these papers carry a weight to the level of education pursued.

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