December 12, 2012

College Survival Tips

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       Students look forward to starting afresh in campus and leaving their activities in high school behind. They view college life as a new opportunity to redeem themselves and make a clean slate of their lives. In most cases, it doesn’t matter what the students did in high school while they are transitioning into campus. This is because a lot of factors change once they are in campus from having to make new friendships, leaving far away from their homes and having their freedom and independence. The decisions that freshmen make during their first year in campus usually has a great impact on the rest of their college encounters. According to education surveys carried out in the United States, almost fifty percent of students drop out of campus before they attain their degree or complete their education in another college.

       Students are advised to be self disciplined and take responsibility for their well being while in campus. They should also try and find positive ways to enjoy their campus life such as joining academic clubs and sports. They should avoid being influenced into negative aspects of college life such as drugs and prostitution. Students are informed to take their orientations seriously. This will help them learn about the policies and red tapes in their campus. It will also help them to familiarize themselves with the school environment. They should also organize their academic timetable wisely because most of their lecturers put their semester assignments and deadlines online. This prevents the students from rushing through their work at the last minute. 


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