August 15, 2012

Getting organized in college

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Time is the one luxury that most people do not have. This applies everywhere, college, high school, work place and even kindergarten. With all the work load and chaos brings along, getting organized in school is not an option. You either get organized or a lot of time will be unfruitful in college. For starters a time management system is necessary. Find a system that fits your personality and use it to ensure your time is not wasted. This applies to all college students from freshmen to seniors. Failure to this, you will be unable to know what to do at what time, hence you will work blindly and end up not meeting any deadlines.

Secondly, do not wait for the middle of the semester to start working on a time schedule or time management system. By this time all you activities will amount to a bizarre time schedule. Once you receive your syllabi at the beginning of the semester allocate time to each of the activities. Indicate which term paper to do on which week and what date and time events take place. The third tip involves going through your emails, papers, books, backpack, and even desk. This will ensure you find activities you were supposed to do and forgot. Hence you can add them to your schedule.

A fourth tip concerns staying on top of your budget. This ensures that you are never caught off guard by lack of money. Always know the amount of money in the bank.  You will know whether to pick up some extra hours at your work place or not. Finally always stay on top of your activities and plan ahead. Never procrastinate anything put on your schedule. This will lead to disruption of your activities and last minute rush.

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