July 23, 2012

Memory Training Tricks

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            I am not an old man yet, but I know for a fact that one of the greatest fears that old people have in general is that of their memory loss. Nobody likes to imagine that he is delving into a territory in life where he would suffer from memory lapses. As much as I would love to think of the contrary, I have to accept the fears of the old folk. What I fail to understand is the same problem happening to younger people who should be in perfectly normal health. There are a number of tricks up my sleeve that I can give to such people in order to improve and sharpen their memories.

            One of the things that the guys in question could do is to make use of the brain games that are ever prevalent in the dailies. The same could also be found online; games like Sudoku, the crossword puzzle and so on help to sharpen one’s mind and should never be ignored. Another way to train your memory is perhaps to create a simple expression that could help you in committing to memory something harder to grasp. A quick example could be the sentence, ‘Richard of Yale gave birth in vain’ to describe the seven colors of the rainbow and indeed of the spectrum in the order in which they appear, i.e. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

            Another trick lies in the amount of sleep people have, the kind of food one eats and the level of aerobic exercise to be precise-that one engages in. For one to have a good memory, it is important that one receives sufficient uninterrupted sleep. There are some food stuffs known to improve one’s memory-omega 3 fish oil for instance-and such should be eaten in plenty for people desiring to have good memories. Lastly, regular physical exercise is important as it ensures the brain is kept ‘fresh’ too. These tricks may appear trivial, but they are very important in training your memory. Give them a try, even if begrudgingly.   

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