July 4, 2012

Is essay an educational tool?

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       Let a good question be termed as good. The question at hand is one that needs very keen analysis. Having done that analysis, essays are educational tools. Essays form very firm foundations of writing thesis and other academic papers such as dissertation. The format both of these uses is practically one imported from essay writing techniques. After sessions in class, certain teachers ask their students to write an essay on whatever they learnt. The essay is then used to gauge the students’ comprehension of the topic.

        This is another clear justification that essays are educational tools. In America, students wishing to join the university must write an essay. This means that anyone who does not have essay writing skills may miss the chance to join campus. The use of essays as an educational tool does not end there. The wide range of variety for essays also provides a learning opportunity. By learning to write descriptive essays, analytical essays, history essays, compassion and contrast, and critical essay one learns a lot.

        This not only applies to students of higher learning but also employed people. When one is asked to write a report at work, the nature of the report will not be a challenge. This is because they are able to critic, compare and contrast and even narrate on paper. Apart from these fundamental skills one is exposed to many topics and areas especially in high school. Therefore one is able to tackle any topic that comes their way. Essays have therefore developed to be educational tools. 

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