September 7, 2011

Make your imaginative skills alive!

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The great Isaac Newton was the orushessaynly person on earth to use his brain up to extraordinary limits. Usage of mind increases with your thinking capabilities. The more you scratch you mind, the more it welcomes you to be made use of. Essay writing is one such case in which you are given a certain keyword, or some topic for which you have to write down some length about it. It can be anything. You start off by making a mind map, in which you think of the major bullets you will add on to your essay. After this, the most important thing is the start of your essay. The starting lines should be captivating enough to grab the attention of your reader or reviewer. This reflects the health of your project that how much the reader is absorbed into the essay.

Nowadays, the mother of all search engines, Google, has become the right hand tool for all kinds of assignments, essays, compositions, research work etc. this has its positives and negatives both. Being there all the time to provide any king of help related to anything that exists out there, Google is loved by all. But on the other hand, it eases up things for you in a way that students now do not usually bother to put in much effort to work over their assignments or essays. They simply go to the web and search for the required material, remove the plagiarism lining out of it and submit it that way. They do not get a chance to use up their brains working over that particular thing and brain storming of what they could possibly get out of their mind. This results in decrease of imaginative capabilities in a person. it is not that i am discouraging the use of the internet for your essay writing or assignments, i just want to highlight fact that it should be used in a right manner. Like for example if you have to write an essay over some topic you do not know much about, you can make the best use of the web to understand what the subject is, the practicality of it, or whatsoever and then use up your imaginations and entrepreneurial thinking to develop something good out of it. This would add a lot of strength to each and every word of your essay.


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